A Magic Place

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I am Alina Li, a CS manager from Wuhan, China. I would like to share my story about a magic place, where my entire work and life changed.
Ever since I found this magic place, I cannot leave it. I cannot imagine that the girl who was totally lost and helpless when she arrived for the first time about one year ago can now give public speeches/presentations with confidence. Due to the outstanding public presentation skills I developed, I stood out at work and was promoted to a Customer Service manager. I competently handle different events and occasions such as employee training, team meetings or senior management visits. Additionally, at this place I began to pay attention and learn how to listen, understand and motivate others, which not only cultivated my leadership, but also made my dreams come to true. Most importantly, it’s here, at the place, where I got to know many friends who follow the same path and cherish the same ideals, vision and ambition. We encourage and support each other and grow together.
This magic place is the FedEx Toastmasters Club @ Wuhan.            
I still remember the first time I learned of Toastmasters last year. It really was destiny. I was a CS recruiter at the time. It was a normal working day and before I was about to go off work, I quickly went through some unread emails in Outlook. I noticed an email titled “xxx Toastmasters xxx”, and I wondered whether it was toast-making training. After getting more information, I assumed that this was like an English corner. Curious, I participated in the first demo meeting, which I will never forget. The meeting was well organized and every speaker was confident and powerful. During the last session, I was invited to say something on stage. Unprepared, I was so nervous that my feet got cold and my mind went blank. I dare not recall how I got down from the stage to my seat. I was very frustrated, but excited that night because I knew this was the place where I belonged.
After joining Toastmasters, I was unexpectedly selected as the first president. I began to seize every opportunity to practice and make steps forward. I forced myself to stand up to control my speeches. I worked to manage my nervousness and uneasiness. I went from not knowing how to smile in a proper manner to properly utilizing my body language with full confidence. I really made changes and through Toastmasters I grew confident, brave and energetic.
I devoted most of my spare time to improving and promoting Toastmasters among colleagues and friends and most of them have benefited and fell in love with this organization.
We deliver outstanding service and speeches. We hope to have more dedicated FedEx members join us and create more miracles.
I am Alina Li. I am FedEx!

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congrats Alina..its an amazing success story.
on 03/26/14 at 01:30:25 AM CDT

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