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I still remember the night of June 28th 2013 when I received a call from KT, managing director of Human Resources, FedEx China. After quickly picking up the phone I heard KT’s very excited voice, "Una, congratulations! Once again you received the Five Star award!"After the announcement of the FY13 Five Star award winners, I received congratulations from different people who asked me the same question – how did I manage to receive the highest honor from FedEx for two years in a row?

Looking back over the past two years, I can attribute my winning the Five Star award twice to the rapid development of FedEx domestic business. In FY12, with the rapid expansion of domestic business and large-scale recruitment throughout China, we needed to establish a professional training team with members representing different functional groups, positions and backgrounds. Within a tight timeframe, I had the challenge of developing a new training team composed of members without any training experience.

Fortunately, FedEx always focuses on employee development and employees were able to promote their skills and professionalism in a very short time through training programs such as People Development Program (PDP), Advance into Management (AiM) and courses including Train Trainer Training (TTT) and Facilitator Skill Training. In the process of training these team members, not only could I see their progress, but I also improved my training and leadership skills. What made me so proud is that the training completion rate for the domestic operations team has remained 100% since the establishment of the training team. The award for the second year can be attributed to the Annual Rate Revision program (ARR), which successfully launched in FY13. As the key work of domestic service, ARR was launched in response to market changes as a way to ensure that we are able to provide high quality, cost-effective services to our customers at competitive prices. As the person in charge of training for this program, my responsibility was to make the whole frontline team including service representatives, customer representatives and sales representatives smoothly and effectively transit their work to the new business model. Every detail of ARR was decided through discussions with the whole team including Planning & Engineering, Operations, Customer Service, Sales, Accounting, IT, Legal and Training. This collaboration let me pass the information about ARR to employees confidently and tell them how to deal with potential challenges. With the help of the whole ARR team, I successfully completed the ARR training and was again honored with a Five Star award.

Through the success of establishing the training team and ARR program I not only obtained the Five Star awards, but also developed my own career. I’m very proud to be working at FedEx and fortunately I continuously grow with the "People - Service - Profit (PSP)" corporate culture. With the help of the entire Human Resource team, I have improved my skills. If anyone asks what helped me complete my tasks, the answer I give is "trust." I still have a message from KT in my mailbox saying, “…more importantly I trust your judgment and that you will ensure training will be ..." “Trust” helped me revise a program from different perspectives so that the program was completed successfully. The most important thing I gain from working at FedEx is a sense of achievement, which cannot be obtained from any awards.
I am Una Sun. I am FedEx!

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