From IT to Customer Service

Posted January 13, 2014 | 4071 Views

How does someone from an IT background become an award winning FedEx Customer Service Agent in Dubai? Ask Ibrahim Bhim.

Ibrahim, a self-described “workaholic”, spent his childhood in Bombay, India, and then studied Computer Information Systems in Dubai. He began working for FedEx as an IT intern and developed many successful intranet applications for FedEx. He further acquired complete knowledge in the various FedEx automation products and tools used by our customers. Using his thorough experience he worked on resolving technical issues and was thereafter hired by FedEx as a Customer Relations Rep. This type of solutions-driven thinking, which required him to often create out of the box solutions, led Ibrahim to develop an interest in the field of Customer Relations. The skills transferred easily: using technology and innovation to deliver the desired outcome, often without the end client having any idea of the amount of work involved to make it happen.

No two customer issues are the same, which means that Ibrahim is constantly pushing himself to figure out new ways to provide solutions. Sometimes this means navigating customs to make sure that a Bollywood movie gets delivered for a premiere event, taking the extra step of calling customers to confirm their availability for a delivery, or understanding the intricacies of communicating with royal families throughout the Middle East.

Ibrahim hasn’t seen it all…yet. But we’re confident that he can handle anything that comes his way!

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Wow.. The IT angle, explains how Ibrahim has developed that expertise for always maneuvering us through all the tight corners that we have encountered while getting in some of our packages even when the odds were against us.. and that too without a dent on our side. Being a person with IT background had taught him never to leave any thing to chance and to explore all possibilities for any given task.. Good Luck Ibrahim.. You really earned it..
on 01/28/14 at 02:44:05 AM CST

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