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Varsha Matai, a Marketing Specialist in Mumbai, has only been with FedEx a few years, but she’s definitely already making her mark.  On one of her recent projects, she worked with university students on a promotion of the use of FedEx shipping in the application process for study abroad programs, capitalizing on the buzz from a Bollywood movie called “Student of the Year”. The promotion generated interest from over 60 journalists, and even the director of the film.
FedEx has been the first job out of college for Varsha, who holds a degree in IT Engineering and an MBA. She loves her job in FedEx Marketing because “I get to see the physical results of our work so quickly. Also, I get to be creative now – it is awesome!”
Varsha notes that FedEx is still establishing itself as a major brand in India, but her friends from university who have gone abroad are very proud of her role with such a global company.
“I love that at FedEx I have the opportunity to lead a project I believe in.”

At work, you may see Varsha as a quiet, calm person, but that’s probably because she’s just a little shy in the office. Outside of the office her co-workers may be surprised to see her singing and dancing with her close friends.
Also, keep an eye out for her on the roads. If one day you spot a convertible yellow beetle on the road to Kerala in south India, you’ll know that Varsha found her ideal car and is on her dream road trip!

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