Realizing My Dream

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I used to stay below the stage looking in silent admiration at the people who were delivering their speeches. How I wished to be a confident and eloquent speaker like they were. Whenever I stepped onto the speaker’s podium, my heart pounded madly and my mind went blank. When this happened, I would blame myself for being a coward, but I was eager for opportunities to build up my skills.

Finally, my wish came true. Although I was not a good speaker, I took the first step and stood bravely on the podium, expressing myself in a calm and composed manner. Our Toastmasters Club gave me the stage and the courage to take this important step.  
Time flies, and two years have passed since I joined Toastmasters. I still remember how nervous and anxious I felt when attending the first regular meeting. That first time I only observed; I was not brave enough to take the podium and make a breakthrough, even though many of my fellow members looked at me with supportive expressions. Fortunately, at that meeting, I saw that many of my colleagues plucked up their courage to speak at the podium. Even though they didn’t speak fluent English, they spoke confidently and seized the opportunity to upgrade their skills. After each speech, everyone was praised for their impressive performance and given many pertinent suggestions.

I came to realize that this stage doesn’t call for excellent language skills (fluent English), but looks for people with passion for speeches and the desire to make progress. From then on, I became more confident and kept challenging myself. Each delivery of a speech is like an important baptism for me. After each speech my friends from the Toastmasters Club keep give me encouragement and many valuable suggestions for improvement. I feel like a young tree, thriving with the breeze and drizzle.
As time has passed, everyone in the Toastmasters Club has been growing, and I am no exception. Maybe I haven’t improved as fast as other members, but I have been very happy, enjoying every speech on the podium and the friendship of this big family.  I believe that one day I will realize my dream of becoming a real good speaker!
I am Sadie Chang. I’m FedEx!

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