Recruiting for Greater Good

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Tony Gonzalez takes his place among fellow FedEx Ground employees in the Northwest district to lend a hand to those less fortunate, this time by wrapping gifts and sorting food at a local Salvation Army warehouse. The event is one of many throughout the year that Tony is not only happy to participate in, but also makes it his responsibility to plan and organize. “Helping others is just in my nature,” he says. Hired as a package handler eight years ago, Tony rapidly moved up to the position he holds now, as HR Generalist for the district and a recipient of  the prestigious 5 star award, Tony’s ability to self-start has served him well in his career, and in the company’s corporate responsibility efforts. “Recruiting for community involvement is not part of my job responsibilities, but it runs parallel with my job. You have to be self-driven.” The dozen or so activities that Portland employees and the Northwest district get involved in each year are a testament to Tony’s passion for giving back to the community. Events range from sorting and shelving pantry items at the local food bank, coordinating FedEx Cares week, co-captain for the March of Dimes, and assisting school children with a heartfelt special delivery to a nursing home every Valentine’s Day. Keeping in pace with corporate sponsorship initiatives, the Northwest district also participates in the Safe Kids Walk this Way program. Employees visit schools to teach safe behaviors to child pedestrians while using FedEx vehicles as learning tools. “These events have given FedEx a very positive identity in Portland and the surrounding areas,” says Tony. His love for community service comes from his grandfather, whom he grew up looking up to. “He was a policeman for 26 years, and he was very active in the community,” says Tony. “I’m inspired by all of his accomplishments, and I guess I want to be just like him.

Last year, Tony took on a new challenge that has become his new passion, running. So far he has lost over 60 pounds and has run 10 half marathons and recently the Portland marathon. Tony’s accomplishments with running have inspired others around him. “I never thought that I could excel at running, let alone be called a runner”, says Tony. He is now captain of the annual Shamrock run for the FedEx team which had over 30 members last year.

With every direction that Tony is pulled, there’s one destination he heads for each day. “My number one priority are my two little girls, ages 8 and 11,” Tony shares. “With everything I do, I’m working to keep my priorities straight for them.” He tries to instill a sense of what’s important even at their young ages. “They both know Daddy goes out and helps people. They know Daddy gives people jobs. To them, Daddy is a hero. He gives people jobs and helps people feed their families. “Keeping a solid foundation for my girls is really important for my wife and I.”

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Congrats Tony!!! As I always tell you, "You are the man!" We are lucky to have you.
on 12/28/13 at 03:18:09 PM CST

WOW! I'm so very inspired by this story that Tony has shared. He is such a kind and caring person like myself who is a volunteer at FedEx. Thank you for posting this. It made my day!
on 12/09/13 at 08:33:11 PM CST

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