Teamwork Helps You Finish the Race

Posted October 08, 2013 | 9917 Views

FedEx Services team member Gene Carter knows the power of strength, courage and teamwork. His daily job supports fellow IT team members, while outside work Gene lives a healthy lifestyle by running with a special buddy. While running, his buddy constantly encourages and praises Gene to finish the race. Together, they create a positive FedEx spirit.

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What a truly inspirational story. Thank you for sharing!
on 03/14/14 at 01:19:03 PM CDT

Great Story! God bless you.
on 03/14/14 at 08:26:33 AM CDT

You are an inspiration Gene! Thank you for all you do to support FedEx!
on 03/13/14 at 06:05:42 PM CDT

Gene your 1st Class Buddy!
on 03/13/14 at 01:20:34 PM CDT

Gene - you and Paul inspire us slow(er) runners. You also embody the Purple Promise - you do make every interaction outstanding - running with Paul is illustrative of the values that at your core. Thanks you.
on 03/13/14 at 01:09:00 PM CDT

You are the Man! I have followed the Hoyt family over the years and have read their book "It's only a mountain". It is very inspiring to see your story and how much you have brought into this young man's life and he into yours. Keep it up!!
on 03/13/14 at 11:16:52 AM CDT

Thank you Gene for sharing your and Paul's story. It was a very inspiring and I am glad to know we have people like you at FedEx.
on 03/13/14 at 10:07:27 AM CDT

To see that beautiful smile...together they create ...a positive Fedex Spirit .
on 03/04/14 at 03:15:06 PM CST

Gene is such a wonderful person. I'm so touched by his act of kindness to help a special needs boy in a wheelchair, and run with him. What a way to support FedEx! Thank you for sharing!
on 12/09/13 at 08:46:44 PM CST

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