The Recognition of Best Partner Demonstrates Our Purple Promise

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Recently, FedEx was recognized as Best Partner of Domestic Sales Logistics by an internationally renowned digital product logistics company. This high-level recognition from our customer reflects our commitment to Purple Promise.
In September 2011, FedEx officially started B2C business with this digital company. At this time, we only handled TV sets, which proved difficult for other express companies. After managing the TV set deliveries for four months, the volume of TV sets increased from 10 orders per day to 30 orders per day, which we managed with ease and led to numerous positive comments on the company’s official website.
In February 2012, the customer decided to pass the small item B2C business to FedEx. Since then, we have a comprehensive cooperation with this customer and freight volume has grown to more than 300 orders per day.
The huge success of business with this customer reflects the close cooperation of our operations, customer service and sales teams.
Our operations team is committed to providing the customer with excellent service and has garnered praise from the customer for a wide range of services including sorting out the customer’s bills and documents, filling in waybills, providing tax invoices, making special pick-ups and deliveries, and binding wooden boxes. Our customer service team, including Yi Cai, Tingting Wang, Xing Fang and Yaqin Qian, demonstrates our excellent service and establishes good communication between this company and its customers by answering calls and emails. Our sales team continues to explore new business opportunities from a customer perspective, which makes a great contribution to promoting the whole company’s business.
Over the past two years, this company has launched more than a dozen promotional activities. During these times, our operations colleagues sacrificed their weekends or holidays in order to provide excellent service and to take active part in the package delivery. During the “Double No.11” promotion in November 2012, daily volume was 10 times more than usual. The service agents from KangQiao station worked very closely with the project team. They worked from early morning till 11 P.M. without raising any complaints and successfully accomplished all the deliveries. Our motivation was for one belief – to make every FedEx experience outstanding.
In May 2012, the company added a new B2C product, an 84’’ color TV set with a net weight of 120KG and up to 290KG with packaging. Our team finished all the work to bid on the project in less than one week, including packing, delivery and testing.
Our customer has been impressed with our continuous outstanding services, and in May 2013, presented FedEx with the award of Best Partner of Domestic Sales Logistics. The award is the first of many exciting stories to be shared, which is because of “we are FedEx!”

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