Warm Others and Illuminate Self

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It is quite appropriate to describe the bond between me and CSR activities with this sentence. I equated public welfare to doing good deeds, donating money and materials and helping others solve difficult problems in life. Although I responded positively, I never thought about its true meaning. What is the meaning of life? Material and spirit – which is more important? After joining FedEx, I got the correct answers.

In the Earth Smart program jointly organized by FedEx and Greennovate Foundation, I learned the situation facing of our environment as well as the environmental crisis faced by my motherland, a country in which I held great pride for her vast land and abundant resources. It also made me realize that as a member of the earth, everyone has a responsibility and obligation to protect our planet, which we rely on for survival. I still remember during the activity held on campus, the children, from excitement to surprise, noted, “I will take this knowledge back to my parents, so that they drive less and select public transport as much as possible for green travel and make a contribution to environmental protection.” I believe that the efforts of volunteers will drive more people to participate in environment sustainability.

In the Walk This Way program jointly organized by FedEx and Safe Kids Worldwide, the FedEx volunteers imparted their knowledge on how to walk safely to children through participation in class education, interactive games, educational courseware and tips posters. At the same time, they conducted promotions for drivers in our company and advocated “Slow Down for Kids”. The move won wide support and many drivers put a deceleration card in a prominent place on their vehicles as a self-reminder. As an express transportation company, where vehicles are our essential tools, our employees have responsibilities and obligations to support a safer traffic environment for children.

During the activity “Accompany Children with Intellectual Disabilities to Visit the Expo”, the goal of the volunteers was to make these kids have a meaningful day. These children were basically unable to take care of themselves and needed more careful care by us. We made advance preparations and had a detailed understanding of information such as the pavilion route and locations of bathrooms. We also prepared umbrellas for each child. A colleague came to the meeting place early and provided ice cubes for others’ to cool down, but her own clothes had already been soaked. At the end of the activity, we watched the smiling faces of these children and were very gratified. When parting, many children still clutched the clothes of our volunteers and were reluctant to leave. “Without you, these children would miss the Shanghai World Expo,” a teacher from the school shared with us. These words made my heart beat fast for a long time and also prompted me to continue to think about the meaning of life.

It is because of the support of the “Giant”, FedEx, that my life has become even more exciting. I have a new understanding of the meaning of life – it is not only for survival but also a reflection of self-worth. In addition to career success, wealth accumulation and others’ recognition, the identity as a volunteer is a reflection of self-worth. While warming others, it illuminates our own way of life. While participating in volunteer projects, I have been actively influencing my colleagues so that they learn more about CSR activities and join the ranks of volunteers. I hope that more friends and colleagues can make their own efforts for public welfare.

I am Aaron Huang. I am FedEx!

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